Cymdeithas Pysgota


Angling Association

Association Rules


1. In addition to the Association permit a N. R. W. Salmon License must be taken out and its Rules adhered to. Bye laws could be changed at any time during the season.


2. A permit holder is allowed to fish with single rod and line only.


3. No permit holder shall leave his fishing rod unattended for a period longer than is deemed necessary for him to be in full control at all times.


4. Permit holders MUST vacate fishing position within one hour if requested to do so by another permit holder wishing to fish that location, and will not be allowed to return to it as long as any other angler wants to fish it.


5. Only permit holders shall be in charge of rods.


6. No permit holder shall reserve a spot on the river for another, for the purpose of fishing that spot later.


7. The Association’s permit is not transferable.


8. The use of prawns is forbidden. Maggots with fly only at night. No ground baiting or swimfeeders.


9. A total bag limit of four fish taken in one day. Sea-trout and brown trout (Below Croesor Bridge) kept fish should be the minimum size of 10 inches.

All salmon to be carefully returned unharmed. All sea tout larger than 60 cm to be carefully returned unharmed.


10. All anglers are required to keep to the recognised paths, and use the appropriate access, and not damage walls, fences or crops.


11. The Association permit and Agency rod license must be carried at all times when fishing and produced to all duly authorized persons.


12. Boating or sailing and skin diving are prohibited on the River Glaslyn.


13. Junior members are only allowed to fish Aberglaslyn Pass if accompanied by an adult member.


14. The use of lead shot is as per Authority Bye-law.


15. Dates: March 3rd Brown trout Lake fishing begins. March 20th Salmon and sea-trout fishing starts, fly and spin only. (All salmon to be returned unharmed throughout the season and all sea trout returned until May 1st ). May 1st Sea-trout bait fishing starts. May 31st Brown trout fishing starts below Croesor bridge. September 1st shrimp fishing starts. Sept 30th All Brown trout fishing ends. Oct 7th all bait fishing ends, Oct 17th all fishing ends.


16. The use of a gaff or tailer is forbidden and all nets should be of the knot free type. Every Member on joining the Association impliedly undertakes to comply with its Rules, and any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct unworthy of a member shall tender liable to be debarred or suspended from membership. If there is need to report any such behaviour, then it should be through letter to the committee. The committee then will deal with the matter. It is also required to report to Genweirwyr Gwynedd Committee who will also withhold membership from all clubs in Gwynedd. The Association, as a body, shall be under no liability to any Member or Members for any loss, injury or damage he/she or they may sustain.


17. The Association, as a body shall be under no liability to any Member or Members for any loss, injury or damage he/she or they may sustain.


18.  All hooks to be barbless or debarbed and must conform to N. R. W. Bye Laws.